SERVPRO of Dyersburg, Union City, Weakley, Gibson, Carroll Counties Event Photos

Newbern Christmas Parade - 2017

SERVPRO of Dyersburg/Union City's float received Third Place at Newbern Christmas Parade on Thursday November 30th 2017. Several hundreds of people from several counties came to enjoy the community event. 

Way to go GREEN TEAM!!

ABWA meeting

Last Tuesday October 10th 2017 at 12:00 p.m. members of the American Business Women’s Association (ABWA) held their monthly meeting at local restaurant Tapp'd, in Dyersburg. Ms. Jessica Harrison, president of ABWA Southern Accent Chapter and our Marketing Manager, had the initiative in collaboration with other members of collecting items for Sherrie Brown, cancer patient in a difficult situation. Members are waring pink for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) in October.

Dyersburg Christmas Parade - 2017

Here is our home made float for Dyersburg Christmas Parade. We used a fog machine to create the effect of smoke coming out of the chimney. Kids loved it! Members of our team and their families joined us the night of Monday November 27th at Dyersburg Court House for fun and community. 

Happy Thanksgiving

Our team got together one of these November mornings at 7:00 a.m., right before work, at our warehouse in Newbern, Tennessee, to take this picture. They wish all our clients from Dyersburg, Union City, Troy, Obion, Tiptonville, Newbern and Ridgely a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. We are here to help faster at any size disaster.

$5 Hot Dog Lunch with United Way of West Tennessee

Members of SERVPRO® of Dyersburg/Union City attended to $5 Hot Dog Lunch organized by United Way of West Tennessee on September 19th, 2017. All proceeds benefited Dyer County's campaign goal. We enjoyed supporting our community with Dyer County Community Cancer FundJohnson-Williams Funeral Home and many others at Okeena Park!

17th Annual SERVPRO® Golf Tournament

Organized by SERVPRO® of Dyersburg/Union City, SERVPRO® of Weakley, Gibson, Carroll Counties and SERVPRO® of Jackson/Crockett County, the event was held at The Farms Golf Club in Dyersburg, Tennessee. The teams played four man golf scramble and thanks to their participation, the SERVPRO® Franchises collected $1375 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the memory of Molly Kate, the owners granddaughter.

Our efforts for the Planet

We decided to stop throwing money in the garbage and invest in our community and our children with the collaboration of Dyer County Recycles. Our brand-new recycling program started in October 2017 and will benefit Dyer County High School. #WeLoveOurCommunity

Welcome to Cornerstone Wealth Management

Members of SERVPRO of Dyersburg/Union City participated at the birth of a new local business: Cornerstone Wealth Management, a Registered Investment Firm. The ribbon-cutting event organized by Dyersburg/Dyer County Chamber of Commerce took place on October 5th, 2017 at their new location on Mall Boulevard. Congratulations!

Volunteering at BARBQ For Cancer

Members of SERVPRO of Dyersburg/Union City participated at this event that has been congregating the whole community for 33 consecutive years. They prepared more than 800 sandwiches for the public and for businesses in order to raise money for Dyer County Community Cancer Fund. The local organization provides assistance to Dyer County Cancer Patients. The 33rd Annual BARBQ For Cancer took place on October 13th, 2017 at Downtown Dyersburg Court Square.

SERVPRO at the Eclipse 2017

Members of our team joined last Monday August 21st the Fifth Consolidated Elementary School activities around the 2017 Total Eclipse, in Dyersburg. The school made sure every student, parent or volunteer had a pair of glasses to watch this extraordinary natural event according with safety standards.

We were at only 30 minutes from the path. The peak of the eclipse was expected by 1:23pm. Nevertheless, by 1:18pm, a transformation occurred. We started perceiving a light similar to the one we get when a storm is approaching. At that time, we could hear the kids exclamations of surprise and amazement.

USA Today Network reported that the moon covered 97.1% of the sun. However, 2,99% of the sun is a lot of brightness, taking into account the power of this magnificent star at the center of the Solar System. That’s is why, we didn’t experience total darkness. Some residents told us that they heard crickets confused thinking it was dusk.

The moon started to be in the sun path at 11:53am and continue for 2 hours and 56 minutes. We are glad we shared this lifetime event with our new generations. This is for sure an experience they will never forget!