Fire Damage Photo Gallery

couch on fire

Couch on Fire

Don't let this be what causes your home to burn down.  This can happen to anyone being careless about fire. This can happen with something a small as a cigarette.


Pack Out

During a fire event in your home or business, we pack out your belongings to bring them back to the warehouse to clean and inspect them. We take the best care of your belongings so we can salvage as much as we can.

SERVPRO Clean This UP!

When a fire happens in your home you want a team you can trust! At SERVPRO of Dyersburg/Union City we are here to help with all of your fire restoration needs. WE hope that a fire never strikes your home, but if it does SERVPRO of Dyersburg/Union City located in Newbern, Tennessee want to help YOU with a fast response and quick cleanup and deodorization efforts. This fire that started from an extension cord in an apartment complex was very HOT! It melted the smoke detector right off the walls. Luckily no one was home when this fire started, but it still caused numerous dollars worth of damage. We here at SERVPRO of Dyersburg/Union City are eager to help your home or commercial fire look "Like it never even happened." Call us today if you have smoke or fire damage and we will be there to guide you through the process!

Extension Cord Warnings

This fire in this apartment complex located in Dyersburg, Tennessee was believed to be started from a TV that was plugged into an extension cord.
Extension cords can be handy when decorating for holidays and when you just need a few extra feet to reach that spot when vacuuming out your vehicle, but extension cords can also be dangerous tools when not properly used. 
Do not substitute extension cords for permanent wiring. Do not run through walls, doorways, ceilings or floors. Especially do not use them near flammable objects such as rugs and fabrics such as window draperies.

Luckily no-one was home when this fire started at this apartment complex. SERVPRO of Dyersburg/Union City's quick response time to get this place back in order helped to speed up the waiting process for the apartment complex owner. We are so happy to help with your next fire, but we hope you remember these safety tips to prevent that fire from happening!

Help with a Grease Fire

With Holiday season approaching, SERVPRO of Dyersburg/Union City wants you to remember some safety tips in case you encounter a grease fire. 

  • Cover the flames with a metal lid or cookie sheet.
  • Turn off the heat source.
  • If it's small and manageable, pour baking soda or salt on it to smother the fire.
  • As a last resort, spray the fire with a Class B dry chemical fire extinguisher.
  • Do not try to extinguish the fire with water.

We want you to remember if the unexpected happens remember to call us here at SERVPRO of Dyersburg/Union City so that your stove doesn't end up looking like the one pictured above!

Newbern residence caught fire

This Newbern residence caught fire the summer of 2017. Lots of interior rooms were damaged. SERVPRO of Dyersburg/Union City took quickly care of them. They were able to get back in time for the holidays at their almost brand new house.
We serve the cities of Dyersburg, Union City, Troy, Newbern, Obion, Ridgely or Tiptonville. If your home or business has a water damage or a fire damage, don’t hesitate to call us. We are here to help.